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Luke Adams of Luke Adams Glassblowing

Luke Adams Glassblowing Studio is a Massachusetts-based glass blowing artist and studio offering handmade glass products. Luke Adams founded Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio in Norwood in 2006. Originally an art student studying industrial design he came into the glassblowing field by accident. He took a glassblowing class thinking it would be an easy "A", however after one class he was hooked.

Today, Luke Adams Glassblowing Studio has grown and now employs many glasssblowing artists and hosts classes open to the community. The glass blowers at Luke Adams in Massachusetts produce hundreds of pieces daily for the Luke Adams line. The pieces can be purchased at more than 500 galleries worldwide, from the Art Institute of Chicago to the Corning Museum of Glass.

Their most popular pieces are pumpkins, stars, and ornaments. In addition, they make goblets, vases, and more.


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