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Laine Champion of Hammered

Hammered is owned by Laine Champion of Priceville, Alabama. Laine believes in heritage and hard work. He’s spent the last twenty years perfecting the craft of creating striking, heirloom-quality forged metalwork – pieces that are not simply functional, but works of art. Just as the skills he uses were passed to him by his father Fred and mentor Al, he insists on producing pieces that can stand the test of time and be passed down from generation to generation. Combining traditional and modern techniques, Laine creates timeless, versatile and stunning pieces for use in the kitchen and home. Working in a high-volume manufacturing environment taught him not only the value of lean manufacturing, but also instilled in him the desire for each item he creates to be wholly unique. Each piece has a soul and story, a fingerprint all its own. And since history is important to Laine, he honors the craftsmen that have gone before him by continuing to utilize the tools of his mentors. He hopes that history finds a new beginning with your family as you enjoy and use his pieces for generations.


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