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Sherry's Sparkle is owned and operated by Sherry Yeager.

Sherry is from Hartselle and graduated from Hartselle in 1995.

Sherry is married to Charley Yeager who graduated at Hartselle in 1984,

Sherry has always dreamed of owning a shop in downtown Hartselle. In November 2021 God blessed us with opening. We opened with little inventory that has grew tremendously. 

Everything is made in the USA so it can go back to our economy.  We have several local vendors springled in to support local hand made, but all products are Made in the USA.

You will find unique quality gifts. Not everything is on the website, so if you see something posted on social media just message us we can get you invoiced and shipped.

We want everyone to feel welcomed in our store. No matter where you are from or where you going we hope you enjoy our store and all of our historic downtown has to offer.

Why the name Sherry's Sparkle?

Well of course Sherry's name but where did the "Sparkle" come from?

Sherry had read a verse in the Bible one day Zechariah 9:16 that says "The Lord their God will save his people on that day as a shepherd saves his flock. They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown." 

The sparkles that we find are  unique and special just like the customer who chooses it. 

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