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A Gift Quandary.

We all know how it goes. You give a gift and wonder if the person smiling back at you actually likes it or are they just being polite? How can we ever be sure if they really like it or not? How do you know if Aunt Rita is going to like the gift card you got her or what the heck Uncle Bob even like? Most people don' t even try any more. They just go to the nearest store for a gift card and call it a day.

But what if you could find the perfect gift for whoever you were shopping for? What if you could answer a few simple questions and get a thoughtful and perfect gift for someone? Well, there is a method to it. Ask yourself these simple questions the next time you are shopping for a gift. What do they like? What are they interested in? What is their favorite food, television show, or movie? What are their hobbies?

After you figure out the answers to these simple questions, use these tips for your next gift shopping adventure.

  • Plan ahead- If you have time, do a little digging. Find out what the person is interested in. If you know their tastes and interests, you may make it a bit easier on yourself.

  • Don't buy last minute. Don't wait until the day before the big day to buy their gift. It makes it stressful on you and shows as impersonal. Think at least a couple weeks ahead to make sure you can ask and answer the questions above.

  • Avoid the gift card if possible. This one is a bit questionable. I would try to stay clear with this one unless you know they will absolutely love it. If not is seems as if you are playing it safe.

  • Don't underestimate the wrapping paper. Make sure that you take the time to wrap the present. If you need to get it professionally wrapped by all means do it. It shows that you actually care about them enough to take the time to do it right. Here is a good video we found on How to properly wrap a present.

  • Don't underestimate the gift basket. If you can't decide on one particular item, why not try a gift basket. You can buy several things and make your own. If you don' want to buy them yourself there are several gift baskets to choose from. Do your research first to find out what kind of basket they would actually like. Make your own gift basket at Sherry's Sparkle.

Now that you know a few tips and methods on gifting, try them out on the next gift quandary.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We can assist you with finding the perfect unique gift. Ask for help with making your own gift basket or bag. Call 256-502-9999 or come by our store at 127 Main Street Hartselle Al. We look forward to seeing you. Below you will find a few ideas for your next gift. Follow us to get more tips and tricks for gifts and how-to's in the future. Follow us on social media.


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