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The new way to candle!

100% Natural Wax! soy, rice bran, & beeswax

NON-Toxic Fragrance; safe for People & the Planet

Contains NO Phthalates, Parabens, Dyes, or Petroleum Wax


Our candle refill system makes it easy to reuse a Notes candle glass again and again. By making a small change in the way you burn candles, you'll make a big difference in the footprint we all leave behind.

Each refill comes with a cotton wick and mini wax melts.

Scents include:

Plumeria & Pink Currant

Santal & Atlas Cedar

Linen & Crisp Air

Vanilla & Pepperwood (Great fall scent)

Oatmilk & Balsam Berry (Great for Holidays)

Citrus & Fresh Basil

3 New Scents!!!

Violet & White Iris

Bamboo & Water Lily

Mandarin & Sweet Neroli

New scent * Turmeric & Pumpkin Chai

Notes Candle refill System Scents


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