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"The most difficult and perplexing of books, Revelation, has spawned a great many books that are too weighty, too facile, too fanciful, or too eccentric. Jack's book balances the need to be true to the text and the need to be understandable by the common reader. He is accurate, tactful, and kind as he unwinds the important message given to the earliest Christians and helps apply the themes of this book to our age and time." - Patrick Mead Senior Minister, Our Safe Harbor Church


Would you love to understand the book of Relation to be encouraged to praise, hope, and better maintain your testimony?


Revelation was not written "to scare the heaven into people" but to give grace and peace to first-century believers in seven churches of Asia that were about to face terrible persecution. No book in the Bible offers more hope to persecuted believers or higher praise to the Lamb of God. No book encourages us so strongly to maintain our testimony.


- We clearly see the identity of the beast and are inspired by hope, not fear.

- We identify the 144,000 and see how we join them in praise

- We reveal the significance of 666 and rejoice in our victory over their imperfections.

- We learn that Revelation calls us to higher living and praise.


Come, and fall in love with the book of Revelation.

Revelation Was Written for You by Jack L Abels


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