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" My Little one, my little love, You are a gift from heaven above." "I'll hold you now, while you are small and tell you the greatest secret of them all"

It's Always Been You is a poetic, artistic rendering of a mother's love story to her child. The message of the book reveals the "greatest secret of them all", the reality that within and all aroudn her child there is love bigger than anything they could imagine.

This book will allow a mother or father to speak words of love and care over their children. Before a baby is able to understand the words, the parent can use this book as a reminder about their purpose in parenting, and about the grand love that has been diven to them to pass on to their children. The beauty of nature, the way a mother kisses their baby goodnight, and the wonder of the stars all point to the lvoe that is out there, and within them just for them.

You will also love the illustrations!

It's Always Been You by Morgan Burke Illustrated by Anne Adams

SKU: 9781736095706

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