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A Story of Family, Honor, and Soul Wrenching Love.

MJ Boshers Brings, another Tale full fo drama and twists that will make you Breathless.

With a broken-Heart and a Broke Spirit. Sophie must work throught the pain once again to fight an evil workse than anything they've ever faced. Can her mind handle another loss or wil it finally break her down? Something or someone is mixing Blood-lines to create a powerful army. When her mortal friends are caught in the mix and everyone around her is dying, she must cal on a higher power. With the few that remain, is unity enough to save their world from ruin? The last in the Faewitch Series. Book 3 Brings more chaos, creataures, and surprises to give this series a jaw-dropping ending.

Guardian of the Queen by MJ Boshers Book 3 in The Faewitch Series

SKU: 9781724042606

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