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Evil became miracles. I just had to not give up - and not quit - before the miracles manifested.

Abuse, rape, family suicide, and drug abuse and alcoholism: Every one of them could’ve done in Jeannie Lynch. But they didn’t. Somehow, some way, God took every hurtful event, every horror, and turned them around. He didn’t create them. But he made each one of them stories and lessons that could be used for her good - so that he could use her to bring others to a place of freedom.

In Don’t Quit Five Minutes Before the Miracles Happens, Jeannie shares her inspiring story of overcoming rejection, tragedy, and addiction to now fulfill her passion to fight for and love those who feel so broken that giving up appears to be their only option. She can say without hesitation, “Anything is possible with God. Don’t give up. You do not have to remain a victim of your past. You can heal and live in freedom".

Don't Quit 5 minutes Before the Miracle Happens by Jeanie Lynch


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