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Five women take a get-a-way to write their first book in a series on the body, mind, and soul called Body-lutions. They set out for the adventure of a lifetime, but the town’s spooky vibe and strange occurrences may interfere with what they came to do. Adventure is around every corner in this little town along with its history. So many distractions to avoid, but these five women only have seven days to sit down and have five round table discussions on how they keep their bodies balanced. From oils to diets, to medita-tion, these discussions are sure to help anyone that is strug-gling with staying balanced; but will this town drive them away before they can finish what they have set out to do. The residents of this little town may have a different plan for them. A fun and entertaining book that will make you laugh and learn tips on how to help your body stay balanced.This book contains adult content and is not meant for younger readers.


by Tonya Hughes (Author), Dorothy Stephenson (Author), Shena Coley (Author), MJ Boshers (Author), Cindy Shaneyfelt (Author)

Bodylutions by MJ Boshers, Cindy Shaneyfelt, & Tonya Hughes


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