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Get Your Salted Grace

If you have never heard of Salted Grace Jewelry, you need to check them out. Come by Sherry's Sparkle today and get your beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. We have a great collection.

Here is what the maker has to say about her work.

"Salted Grace is my safe place. It took some time, thought and a ton of prayer to finally land on a name. I was blessed with the nickname Salty at church by my church Salty Mama. While we strive to be the "salt of the earth" like in Matthew 5:13 I tend to be a wee bit more "petty salty". This would always bother me because I never thought I was really being who God intended me to be.

Insert Grace. Grace upon grace. His grace is never ending. Well, let me tell you grace for myself was no where near never ending because it never began! So I prayed that God would help me to show myself more grace daily.

So, here we are, Salted Grace. It is what I strive for daily. I want my brand to bring salt and light to those who encounter it. I want to show others how God's grace is sufficient. That God is still good. That people are still good!

I will continue to use Salted Grace to bless those who I have never met. I am not doing any of this to become rich. I create and sell my jewelry so that I can afford to bless others. I see this big picture that God has placed in front of me and I pray with my whole heart that I can see it come to life. I pray that in some way I can be a blessing to each and every one of you."

We at Sherry's Sparkle love to highlight our makers. We will continue to feature each maker every week so you can get a closer look at each remarkable creator here at Sherry's Sparkle.

Kristina Boger's Family photo: Son Karson on the left, Kristina in the middle, & husband Tommy on the right.


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