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Creator of the week!

Ug Chug's are the item of the week. They are fun and creative pieces of art. We love having these mugs here at the store. They make us smile each day. They are some of our best-sellers. Let's hear what they have to say about themselves and how they got started.

Chad's love for pottery began in his high school ceramics class. He later earned a degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Pottery from Auburn University while Meghan earned her degree in Business. They combined their talents - and also lived in a meat cooler for a little while, but that's a different story - and opened Nelson Studio in 2008.

They now sell their pottery throughout the United States and worldwide. One day, while potterizing, Chad decided that if he could create something that would help people smile a little every day, it would be worth making. This idea sparked the birth of Ug Chugs and transformed Chad into 'that guy with the crazy face pottery'. "So, here we are, making pottery, raising two kids, and definitely not living in a meat cooler any more (although, it did smell enticingly like smoked ham). No matter how busy we are, we still put quite a bit of care into each piece we create, from personally making every eye, tooth, and lip to hand-glazing each item. We love creating our work, and we hope you love it too.

You can follow them on the links below.


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