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Book Signing Saturdays

Come by and see Our Authors for April 15th from 12-3

About the Author

Who is Gypsy Mercer? She is a girl that turned into a woman who read poetry and believed in Knights and magic. Gypsy began writing in college when she found that her thoughts and written prose were so much more powerful than speaking her truth. Life and reality forced a hiatus while she raised a family and made her way into the professional world. All along, she believed that her real world was in opposition to the needs of her heart and her soul. No longer constrained, she picked up her pen freeing both. This is the result of her escape from captivity.

About the Author Ashley Jane is an indie author from Alabama. She is a former Inmate Substance Abuse Counselor with research published in Crime and Delinquency magazine. She has also been featured on various poetry sites. Currently, she moves between consulting and building books for others. She does everything from account set up to covers. When not working and crafting, she still enjoys research, and you’ll often find her alternating between reading poetry books and psychological studies. While from the South, her heart still lives in Washington DC (or the Caribbean.) She loves music concerts and true crime dramas. She lives with her husband and their one child, a rescue cat named Shadow Monkey. Ashley has been writing off and on since childhood, but she only started sharing her words a few years ago. She is the co-founder of FallsPoetry prompt, which runs on both Instagram and Twitter. She also co-hosts DarkLines and DrugVerse prompts on Twitter. She has three individual books of poetry: Love, Lies and Lullabies; The Mums are Filled with Melancholy; and All Darkness and Dahlias. Her work can also be found in several anthologies, including Solace, We Will Not Be Silenced, Poetry Pills, and Wildflower Warriors.


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